Detail Therapy

(60/ 90/ 120m : 103/  143/ 173)

a massage to help deal with everyday life


The Detail Therapy session is completely customized to ensure your relief from many of the common symptoms of chronic muscular tension and help you understand how to better deal with the sources thereof. Most Detail Therapy sessions will focus on muscles in the neck, shoulders, and upper & lower back, with extra time devoted to specific issues where necessary. While we may not cover the full body, we’ll spend the time where it’s needed most.

Particularly common and effectively addressed complaints include pain or restriction of movement in the shoulder and neck (most often due primarily to tension in the Rhomboid and Levator Scapula muscles), restriction of arm movement (rotator cuff tension), and lower back pain (typically tension distributed between the Quadratus Lumborum muscles in the lower back and the hip flexor/rotator groups).