A number of discount opportunities are available for Tact clients:

Feedback: Send an e-mail to describing how you’re feeling the day after your massage and get 5% off your next.

Booking at time-of-service: Book your next appointment at the end of your current session and get 15% off your next.

Referral: If you know someone who could use a great massage, refer them! Their first massage will be half-price and you’ll get a 25% discount on your next massage.

Bulk discount: 25% off packages of 5 massages or more (buy 4 get 1 free!)

Intensive Therapy discount: 50% off packages of 4 or more massages *when all sessions have been booked such that there are a minimum of 2 per week, in consecutive weeks.*

Discount Notes:

Discounts can be added together up to a total of 50%, at which point they will roll over to your next massage. E.g if you provide feedback, book in-house and refer two friends, your next two massages will be 50% and 25% off, respectively.

Bulk and Intensive Therapy packages must be paid in advance or immediately after the first session in series. For Intensive Therapy packages, all appointments must be booked in advance or immediately after the first session in the series; normal cancellation/reschedule policy applies. If an appointment within an Intensive Therapy package is rescheduled such that it no longer meets the frequency requirement, the discount will no longer apply and there will be a charge to make up the difference.

Coupons and Package deals will expire after 6 months unless otherwise specified.