Jill D.
Got a fantastic massage last week from Corey with my Bloomspot deal. My general poor posture and crappy work habits have left me with really tight shoulders and pain. Corey did focused therapy on my sore areas and I have definitely noticed a lasting difference. Scheduling is easy and Corey is genuinely interested in his clients well-being – got an email from him after the massage checking in to see how I was feeling. I will be back…

Angela F.
The options for scheduling appointments are AWESOME! I commute and get home late and in general my schedule is crazy! I super appreciate the ease of scheduling an appointment and the late hours.
The massage was awesome!! I have had literally HUNDREDS of massages, rolfing sessions, etc. and can tell immediately if I am actually going to get some relief or if I’m going to be cringing the whole massage knowing I’m in the hands of a rookie. Well, I knew immediately with Corey I was going to get help. YAY!!! I have found a therapist that has awesome flexible hours AND is good at what he does!! Thanks Corey! :)

Shannon A.
I carry a lot of stiffness/tension in my entire body from mountain biking, boxing, walking/jogging, having a desk job, etc. I was sore and stiff before my massage, especially the right side of my body. There was also a sharp pain under my right shoulder. The focus of the massage was almost entirely on my lower/upper back, shoulders, and neck. And the sports massage actually felt great–relaxing, not painful at all like some sports massages. I felt much better after the massage. I got on my bicycle to ride home and realized immediately that I no longer felt stiff and creeky. Plus I was really pleased to notice that the sharp pain under my right shoulder was completely gone. I’m looking forward to my next visit!

Dana C.
I’ve seen dozens of massage therapists and dozens of physical therapists over the years. Corey is amazing at thoroughly and intensely working through the pain in my body while making me feel nurtured, good and safe. He checks in with me and gives me feedback. He is kind, gracious and professional. He’s exceptional at trigger point and deep fascia work to the extent that I’ve only found in one physical therapist (who doesn’t make me feel relaxed going through something that hurts the way Corey does). I’m so grateful to have found this incredibly talented body worker. I highly recommend him.

Frances F.
My massage with Corey was amazing! He was really attentive to my problem areas and applied the amount of pressure I needed. He really worked magic on my shoulders & back. No more tension headaches!
I also love the online scheduling.

Elizabeth T.
I’m pretty athletic and have always carried my stress in my shoulders, neck and back. I’d been to several massage therapists before and was usually underwhelmed by their ability to 1) find my problem spots and 2) work on them deep enough to really feel any different. It was completely different with Corey. He immediately identified my problem areas and applied focused, experienced pressure in ways that got to the depth of the problem but weren’t painful. He even found and worked on areas that I hadn’t realized were problems. It was amazing!! It was not only extremely pleasant during the massage, but afterwards I felt my shoulders release for the first time in at least 10 years! I went home and slept like a baby.
He was also extremely professional and had a calming quality that put me even more at ease. I will refer him to everyone I know!!

Lewis W.
Just got back from an awesome first treatment at Corey’s hands. He possesses an uncanny ability to locate problem areas, and an extremely sensitive and professional manner. He digs in deep, providing effective trigger-point therapy and myofascial release. I use a computer constantly at work and have dealt with RSI for decades, but after a one-hour session, I walked out feeling more “normal” than I have in a long time. Corey’s evening hours and convenient street parking near his studio mean I’ll be back the next time my neck and shoulders act up.

Lisa D.
Not only is Corey incredibly pleasant, attentive, and approachable, he’s clearly very talented! I came to him with a lot of tension and discomfort in my neck and shoulders. After a very thorough massage, I left feeling greatly relieved and satisfied. He also explained how the body can become tight and taught me some stretches for my neck and shoulders. I got a strong sense he really cares about people and his work. I highly recommend him!

Eric A.
If you want a truly professional and unique experience, get a massage from Corey. I have tried numerous therapists over the years and Corey fulfilled every requirement I had. Precise, skilled, educated, intuitive, deep tissue work is his specialty. I prefer deep tissue in some areas and in more injured areas I prefer less pressure. Corey was able to determine what I needed where and lightened up on the pressure in more sensitive areas. I highly reccomend him to anybody looking for a massage that is truly theraputic. I will continue to see him and highly reccomend him to anyone looking for an accomodating and consistant body worker who can totally cater to your needs – whether they be for a relaxation massage or a deep tissue healing masage, Corey is excellent.

Sarah R.
Best massage EVER.
Corey is a truly talented bodyworker. I have had a lot of massages in a lot of different places and can say from experience that you will not find a better massage therapist, period.

Susan C.
Corey was just so amazing!. He worked SO deeply, but not painfully and truly worked out some stuff in parts of my body that no body worker had done before. Amazing!

Andrea F.
Corey is one of the rare male massage therapists who has a true intuitive touch. He’s helped me with several chronic pain issues in my back and neck, and I always leave feeling relieved and refreshed.
He always takes the time to ensure that all of my pain has gone before I leave. His many years of experience in the field really show, making him stand out among so many other bodyworkers. I can thoroughly recommend him as a remarkable massage therapist.

Molly H.
Corey is a true genius when it comes to massage. I have been the recipient of consistent body work for the past 20 years and although he is not the first therapist I’ve found that’s good, he is definitely the best. He is extremely intuitive and thorough and has the ability to pin point areas I didn’t even know were tight or sore and get them to release. His education in massage is evident but his intuition is what I believe makes him superior as a therapist. I always leave satisfied, look forward to going back and reccomend anybody interested in a true theraputic massage.

Michael D.
I was in pain from a snowboarding fall & had bad lower back spasm for a month. It felt like sciatica. I had 3 different massages but pain still persisted.My pal Eleanor referred me to Corey. OMG. he IS a miracle worker. He took my pain away. I can rock climb again. He was professional, comforting & knew his anatomy terms walking me through the muscle groups. He said i may be sore the next day but it was very little. By day 2 I was climbing again w/ no pain. Corey is the BEST! Thanks :)

Lisa B.
Wow – what a unique massage! I asked for a sports massage and Corey really worked out some knots. The deep pressure points were a little painful in some areas, but the responsibility was on me to ask for less pressure, which I did not. My body felt great when I was done, as it did the next day.

What more can I say than I’ll be back. Very intuitive. Listened to what I said my needs were. Gave great follow up suggestions to work my problem areas. Can’t wait till my next appt.

My 90 minute massage exceeded my expectations. I loved his massage style; the way he zeros in on the many points of tension in my problem shoulder, neck and back areas. I did walk much freer after Corey’s work on my sacrum and hip region. His manner and voice is soothing, and I learned a lot about the anatomy as well! I will return, and will recommend him to friends!!!

Very good work – released things I did not know I had tensed up. He was able to go very deep, put good pressure, knows his anatomy, was professional and the effects were immediate — I was blissfully groggy and felt more open after the massage and that effect lasted. Will definitely return. Small place, good schedule (later evenings — which is great for me — and Sundays too!), very personable.

Had a great massage by Corey recently and the neck pain I have been experiencing (likely due to stress) is completely gone. He really took his time and I felt like a new person. Can’t wait for my next one. Definitely recommend the full 90 minutes.

Anne-Sophie L.
Thorough relief on tension points. It is often hard for me to come across a therapist who can rid me of my stuckness. Corey has intuitive firm hands. He found all my tense acupressure points, big releases. Highly recommended.

Andre J.
I treated myself and my dad to a massage. Corey is excellent at what he does. My dad’s still amazed that Corey knew where to focus how much pressure to apply. Dad’s experienced restricted movement/discomfort on his shoulder since keyhole surgery. Next day, the mobility and stiffness was gone. As for me, Corey worked magic on my neck/lower back. Next morning, all the stiffness and tension was released. Highly recommend Tact Massage.

Lisa M.
I have gotten a fair bit of deep tissue massage in the past, and Corey’s was one of the best. I was so relaxed after the treatment that I felt slightly spaced out (in a good way). The next day my next felt totally relaxed and soft – a big change from the knots I had in my next when I came in. Thanks, Corey!

Jen I.
Cory addressed the tightness I had in my shoulders and neck and my range of motion has improved 10 fold. He suggested some stretches to keep these areas open which shows that he’s invested in your wellness. I can’t wait to go back to have some hip and quad work done.

Menden S.
I bought 2 bloomspots for Tact Massage after reading the wonderful reviews about Corey. I told him that I really wanted to focus on releasing the knots & tightness in my neck & shoulders since I carry a lot of stress there as well as sit in front of a computer most of the day. He spent 90 minutes just on those areas & I can really feel a difference! I’m able to move more easily, stand up straighter & have no soreness at all! He was amazing!

Randy W.
Thanks so much for the wonderful work you did yesterday on my neck and shoulders! It was exactly what I needed. The amount of pressure you applied never felt too hard (or too soft) and I always felt you searching and working exactly where I needed it. This morning my neck is still feeling better from our session yesterday morning. You’ll definitely be seeing me again soon!

I have been lucky enough to have experienced many massages in my life and this was deffinitely one of the best! Corey really took the time to go through every area of my back and neck to find kinks that I didn’t even know where there. He has found a great balance of being soft but firm at the same time , releasing my stubborn muscles without making me sore the next day. Highly recommended!!!

Shaina S.
I’ve had chronic muscle tension for years, and have tried multiple forms of treatment. Corey really ‘gets it.’ He releases muscles without leaving you in excruciating pain. He is very knowledgeable about which muscles are at the root of the problem. Even showed me some new stretches! I’ll definitely be back!

Carol K.
He intuitively KNOWS how to unravel knots without causing pain. He dug in, flirted around the edges of pain, but somehow knew when to back off. He listens VERY well, and pays attention. I was preparing for my sardine experiment, AKA a long flight, and it worked, I felt the effects for many days. HIGHLY recommended!

I have had many massages and different therapies to help relieve ongoing chronic shoulder and neck pain, and after the first massage, I’m pretty sure Tact Massage is the place for me! I liked the fact that Corey concentrated on exactly the areas where I was experiencing the most pain and helping release the tension by firm pressure and slow, calculated moves. Though a bit sore the day after, I can feel the promising effects on my muscles as they loosen. I will be back!

I haven’t been able to get a massage in years because of an injury to my back and hip joints. I was pleasantly surprised that level of my pain was bearable making me relax and enjoy the work being done. A great amount of stress and tension have been relieved from my upper body and I really do feel so much better physically and mentally. The environment was small but relaxing.

I had gone to Corey with a very stiff and tight shoulder. Corey managed to slow worked the kinks out, in a very slow and measured pace, with just the right amount of pressure. I slept like a baby that night. Many thanks! I highly recommend Tact Massage Therapy!

Ken H.
Had my first massage with Cory at Tact Massage and was highly impressed. Although he arrived a few minutes late, he made up for the time at the end. He’s extremely pleasant, very professional and really knows his massage technique well. It was a great massage which ended only too soon.

Georgia D.
I used a Trubate Deal or one of those coupons to try out Tact Massage and I am now a repeat customer. They don’t get any better than Corey. I tried a number of places before I found him and this is definitely the one person that knows exactly what he’s doing. I can’t say enough great things about him.

This guy is amazingly gifted at massage! Corey was able to find any and every sore spot on my back and neck, and zone in on them. He has the rare ability of using just enough pressure that almost borders on the brink of pain, but never crosses that line. He is absolutely the best masseuse i’ve ever had!!

Corey is the best massage therapist I’ve been to. He is very knowledgable about body anatomy and function, plus he is extremely intuitive. This is what I call “talent”. I felt relaxed and peaceful in spite of the very intense and efficient work being done. Next day after the Acute Release Therapy session I noticed that my posture improved and people even said I looked better :). So worth it! I would recommend Corey to everyone.

Corey is highly skilled, thorough, detailed and very focused on just YOU. So refreshing to meet someone who pays attention. I’ve had tons of body work of every kind you can imagine, including the full 10 sessions of rolfing. I come from a family of body workers and I’m very choosy. I think that a lot of massage therapists work at a superficial level and don’t do the substantive and precise work that allows your body to heal itself. Corey is in an elite class of exceptional providers.

Being a trained CMT myself, I’m extremely picky when it comes to my massages. Corey is very good. He has a solid, responsive touch – slow and deep, just the way I like it. He clearly knows his anatomy and kinesiology, which allowed him to really work out some kinks and knots, working at the attachments and insertions of muscles to encourage them to release deeply. This is the kind of therapeutic work that hurts so good and makes a lasting impact.

I was really impressed with the massage I received. I went in with a lot of stiffness and tension in my shoulders. After the course of an hour I could suddenly move my shoulders and neck around comfortably. He was careful, attentive, and very friendly. I highly recommend Tact Massage Therapy!